Björn Sundqvist

Björn Sundqvist

Co-founder & CEO

I usually claim that I have two assignments here at Esatto, one as the company CEO and one as a Business Developer/Project Manager. I equally enjoy them both, but for different reasons. In the role as CEO, I strive towards developing Esatto’s business through new services, offerings and competencies. It is my job to see to that my colleagues have the best preconditions to become their very best selves. In my other role, I get to see first-hand, how what we create internally actually work in practice for our customers. I find it most satisfying when we manage to make a difference, like for example increasing a customer’s revenue or market share.

So, how is it to work with me? I am sure there are other people here at Esatto that can give you a better answer. All I can tell you, is that I am always happy to come to work and lead the most ambitious and talented group of people that I know (that is when they don’t force me to listen to Christmas music, which they do way too often in my opinion).

I want to modernize the digital world, and I hope that you will join us in making that happen!


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